Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tips to Enjoy a Romantic Road Trip in Turkey

Planning to take a romantic getaway or a trip with your sweetheart in Turkey? Couples getaway is a great way to rejuvenate relationships as the daily monotonous lifestyle can rust your relationship. You can plan a beach destination, a gorgeous ski resort or a hip city in a foreign country. But if you are low on cash, traveling somewhere hip might be a problem, so for budget conscious travelers, a road trip serves as an excellent romantic trip.

This is best online resource while planning to visit Turkey which you can use Turkey Holiday Information-your one-stop website full of useful travel tips, ideas and travel information all about turkey and its culture and national heritage.

Taking the trip is the easy part but making it a memorable one can be bit tough. So here are some tips which will make your road trip more romantic and enjoyable.

1.Discuss with your partner where he would love to go. Since it’s a trip for two, do decided on a route or a place which both you and your sweetheart would love to travel.

2. Hours and hours of driving can be quite boring and to deal with this the right selection of music is very essential. Burn a CD or upload your IPod with songs that relates to your relationship like the song you have heard on your first date. Plus burn or upload some fun and punchy songs which are easy to sing alone. Van Halen, Goo Goo Dolls, Keane, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams are a personal favorite of mine for road trips.

3.Stop at scenic points, rest stops and enjoy the moment. Watch the sunrise and sunset; take pictures of you two while passing through diverse landscapes, different states and towns.

4.Add more spice to your trip by sharing amusing conversations, such as your beloved plans for the near future. Play silly kids games, shop at 24-hour grocery store.

5.Enjoy your overnight stay in one bedroom motel rooms. You can also add more color to your trip by staying at rest stops.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Night in a Celebrity Owned Hotel

You have seen their movies, you have clicked pictures with them and you have their autographs, now how about staying in one of their hotels? Celebrities’ hotels are a big deal now. So many celebrities’ are trying their hands on different business field and it seems hotels are what these celebrities are trying to stir. So many celebrities from movies and music industries are opening up their own hotel in so many destinations and booking a stay in one of their hotels will surely let you get up-close and personal as these hotels are designed as according to their taste.

For your next vacation, here are some hotels owned by celebrities you might want to book a stay:

Greenwich Hotel, New York 

Owned by Robert De Niro, the star of The Godfather Part II, Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, the Greenwich Hotel is located in Greenwich Street. The hotel comes with 88 luxurious rooms all equipped with flat screen TV’s, iPod docking stations, wireless Internet access, DVD players and more. The hotel also has a world class Italian tavern, bar/lounge, indoor pool, spa, fitness facilities and more.

Cardozo Hotel, Miami

Located on Ocean Drive, Cardozo Hotel is an upscale luxury hotel owned by Superstar Gloria Estefan and her Grammy Award winning producer–husband, Emilio. Minutes away from some of Miami's hottest restaurants, nightclubs and shopping areas, Cardozo Hotel is an excellent choice to enjoy your stay. Travelers can choose from 43 luxurious guestrooms and enjoy world class amenities including restaurant, bar/lounge, conference room, business services, Internet access and more.

Mission Ranch in Carmel, Carmel 

Truly a one of a kind resort owned by Clint Eastwood, who rescued from condo developers and renovated the entire ranch, Mission Ranch in Carmel is an excellent retreat for all. The ranch comes with 31 guestrooms which are located in ten buildings within the property, guest are provided with amenities including excellent onsite restaurant, tennis courts, fitness club, weddings, corporate dinners and special events facilities.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Experiencing Seoul’s in a Budget

English: KeunJeongJeon in Gyeongbokgung, Seoul.
English: KeunJeongJeon in Gyeongbokgung, Seoul. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When it comes to blending modernism with tradition, not much city can beat Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. Seoul is modern in every possible way but it is also a city drenched in its rich past and colorful heritage. Visit Gyeongbok-gung, Seoul's most magnificent Joseon Dynasty-era palace and the Changdeok-gung, which is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Check out the Myeongdong, a mecca for shoppers with every possible designer brands and labels; explore Itaewon, home to some of the most happening night spots in the city. Seoul Definitely is a city of contrast.

Of everything Seoul has to offer, its culture and tradition stands the most unique and most appealing. Experiencing and being a part of its culture is an experience of a lifetime. A traveler can witness bits and pieces while exploring the city but if you really want to see Seoul from a local point of view, stay in a family run guest house or a hostel. Staying in a guest house will definitely allow you to experience it firsthand but a hostel also has its own advantages as you will get to mingle with other fellow travelers.

Here are some guesthouses and hostels rated by travelers from around the globe as some of the best in the city.

• Kims' Guest House 

 Located in the Downtown area, just minutes away from some of the city’s hottest bars, restaurants and entertainment center, Kims' Guest House is a budget friendly accommodation loaded with a world of amenities. The owner is fluent in English and Japanese, so communicating won’t be much of a problem, plus one can also enjoy amenities such as Internet access, Wi-Fi, air conditioned rooms, fitness facilities, cable TV and washing machine.

• Bong House 

Close to Hyehwa Metro Station, making is easy for guest to access any part of the city without any hassle; Bong House is very popular among travelers looking for budget accommodation with great service. Internet, washing machine, refrigerator, cable TV, microwave oven and more are some of the services offered to its guests.

• Golden Pond Guesthouse 

 Located in Daehakno area, close to the Sungkyunkwan University and many happening bars and restaurants, Golden Pond Guesthouse is another great option for backpackers. Travelers will have the option to choose from variety of rooms including, single room, double room, twin room, triple room, family room and more, plus the guesthouse also offers amenities like air conditioning, TV, heating system, lockers, wireless internet access, DVD player, gas stove, microwave, washing machine and more.
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

6 Reasons To Go On Safari To Africa

In 2011, Africa received about 50 million visitors according to a report by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). If you are not among these statistics, it is about time you helped the world attain the one billion international arrivals mark in 2012.

Africa has made the headlines because of a number of reasons both good and bad just like any other continent. However, nothing can wash away the reputable tourism industry that this continent has used to earn millions through the years.

This industry employs thousands of people in each country. In fact, it is the source of revenue for some country governments and households that do not carry out any other economic activity.

There are many reasons why you should go on an African safari. If you need facts to help you make up your mind, here are some:-

1. Its Vast Scope 

Africa is vast in scope when looking at the area covered by natural vegetation. This creates the best atmosphere for flora and fauna meaning you can never lack something to see in the wild.

For example, the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania covers over 10, 000 square feet and just like the meaning of the Masai name "Serengeti", it is a land that has no boundaries therefore a great habitat for millions of wildebeest and thousands of other species.

2. Protected National Parks & Reserves 

The national parks and game reserves are protected from industrialization effects that may destroy the natural habitat. This was evident when organizations went up in arms to prevent the Tanzanian government from building a highway across the Serengeti. This might affect the delicate ecosystem in the park and may spoil the fun for many Tanzania safari lovers.

The international wildlife bodies also voice their concerns when natural habitat is under attack. Most of these attraction sites have remained unchanged for years.

 3. Great Archaeological Discoveries

There are many archeological discoveries found in Africa An example would be the discovery around South Africa west of the port of Maputo where they discovered what looks like the remains of a huge metropolis that measures close to 1500 square miles using conservative estimates.

 4. Diverse Cultural Makeup

Each country has a diverse cultural makeup. There are thousands of major and minor tribes that mesh the cultural cloth in Africa. These cultures provide a great experience for visitors who want a taste of something different from their modern set ups.

For example, the coastal shores of East Africa are inhabited by the Swahili people who have distinct way of dressing, structures and cuisine. It is very different from the Great Rift Valley area which is inhabited by nilotes and cushites.

South Africa also has a different cultural set up to the West African countries and the north which is home to many Arabic tribes. All of these cultures have practices and festivities that tourists can be involved in.

5. Diverse Attractions 

Apart from visiting game parks and reserves, tourists have options of mountain climbing, trekking, balloon safaris, diving and snorkeling among other things. Various tour packages cater for activities within one country or even beyond. A natural world wonder in Africa is the world famous Great Wildebeest Migation, that occurs between Masai Mara and Serengeti.

For example, a trip to East Africa combines visits to the three major countries that are Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Such deals can help you traverse the continent easily. 

6. International Class Accommodation

Whether you will be staying at the tented camps or in the lodges, you can select the level of luxury needed. Africa receives prominent tourists such as Bill Gates, the Princes of Wales as well as the President of United States of America. In conclusion, if you are looking for a vacation that allows you different activities and options within a standard budget, then Africa is the place to visit. You will not spend a dull day during your trip whether you bring your kids or friends along because as they say in Africa, “hakuna matata” (no problems).

Monday, 4 June 2012

Hotels with Best Restaurants In Los Angeles

From the star struck Hollywood to the chilled out Venice Beach, from the shopping streets of Beverly Hills to the vibrant nightclubs, the city of Angels has so much to offer. Los Angeles also happens to be the home to some of America's most luxurious hotels and these hotels make sure that their guest gets nothing but the best of everything. When it comes to dining out, hotels in Los Angeles are known for serving cuisine from every corner of the planet. This vacation check out these hotel restaurants in Los Angeles, you will just love dining here.

Cut at Beverly Wilshire:

CUT has to be your spot for a sophisticated dining. It is being maintained by the master Wolfang Puck & the interiors have been designed by renowned Richard Meier. It’s a steakhouse & has bagged many praises from prestigious outlets like the Los Angeles times. Cut is located inside the legendary Beverly Wilshire Hotel. This is a historic hotel dating back to 1928. Many famous personalities have stayed here time & again. This has also been used as filming location.

Polo lounge at Beverly Hills Hotel:

Again at a central location is the Beverly Hills hotel with excellent amenities & services. Polo Lounge is a classic place to be. It is a continental specialty restaurant. With its retro décor it gives the vibe of original old Hollywood. You often find piano accompaniment. Jazz is featured at times. Award winning Chef Robert Allen is the master for you. It has been a favorite for generations.

Noe at Omni Hotels:

Omni hotels offer you a pleasant stay with spacious rooms & reasonable rates. If you are booking a stay here, do dine at Noe, located inside the hotel. Noe serves heavenly Californian cuisine in a relaxed ambiance. Try their Tasmanian Salmon Salad and the Prime New York Steak Frites; it’s out of this world. Noé Restaurant is steps away from cultural highlights such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles Music Center, STAPLES Center and the LA Live Complex.